What is Green Pest Control

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Published: 10th January 2017
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What is Green Pest Control
What is green pest control? Is there such thing as green pest control? The answer is yes and no. Let's start with what started the term green pest control. If you remember in the early 80's and 90's and 2000 we witnessed Disaster after disaster, from oil spills, to nuclear plant melt down. These events led to a new way of thinking. Oil spills would wipe-out the life in the oceans as well as our drinking water to sustain life. Nuclear plants would melt down from disasters from hurricanes or typhoons. These wake up calls made us realize that we have a small planet with vast resources to destroy it on an ever growing population. We needed to change and change quickly.
The Green movement has been around for a while trying to tell us to take care of our planet. And finally, we begin to take notice. Everything around us is green. We want less fossil fuel, less emissions, fewer chemicals to no chemicals in the environment.
Pest control found its self at the right place for this new revolution of environmental change. We begin to hear terms such as Organic Pest Control and green pest control. Can killing pest with fewer chemicals be effective? The answer may shock you. The answer is no. You need chemicals to kill pest but you don't need as much as we used in the old days. So in reality, there is no such thing as green pest control but, what pest companies really mean to say is that there is such thing as IPM. Integrated Pest Management.
Integrated Pest Management is the definition of Green Pest Control that consist of:
Set action Thresholds
Threshold is where we determine an acceptable level of pest before action should be done.
Monitor and Identify Pest
Identify the pest that is causing the harm
Prevent pest from harboraging in the first place by rotating crops.
Once monitoring has been established then control the pest through trapping, exclusion, and the right choice of pesticide use.
Integrated Pest Management is what green pest control is. It is simply common sense to lead us to a greener environment. So what is important is that we educate ourselves on what green pest control is. There are alot of companies claiming to be green when there is a degree of chemical that has to be used according to the level of infestation and depending on the type of insect involved.

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